Our business values education and is committed to supporting educational opportunities for young people in the Pilbara.

The Groundbreaker schools' programme is a key focus of the 50th commemorations and is made up of three components:

· Lesson plans for pre-primary - year 12
· Groundbreaker excursions/incursions
· Student competitions

Year 4 - 6

Competition: Favourite Groundbreaker

'Favourite Groundbreaker' is a creative competition designed for students enrolled in years 4 - 6 across the Pilbara. To be eligible, the entrant must be enrolled at one of the following participating primary schools:

  • Pannawonica Primary School
  • Wickham Primary School
  • Roebourne Primary School
  • Tom Price Primary School
  • North Tom Price Primary School
  • Karratha Primary School
  • Tambrey Primary School
  • Millars Well Primary School
  • Pegs Creek Primary School
  • Baynton West Primary School
  • St Paul’s Primary School
  • Dampier Primary School
  • Paraburdoo Primary School

What do I need to do?

Entrants are required to complete an artwork or report on their favorite exhibit from the Groundbreakers Trail. Students can use any media they wish to complete their artwork (pencils, paint etc.), however the submission must be contained to one A4 or A3 sheet of paper.

When is it due?

This competition closed on Monday 29th August. Thank you to all students who submitted entries.

How do I submit?

Entrants must submit their report or artwork to their schoolteacher or upload a photo of the artwork here on the website. School teachers will hold the artwork, which will be collected by a Rio Tinto communities representative.

This competition has now closed. Thank you to all the students who submitted entries!



Y4-Y6 Prize

The winning entrants will receive their prize by post to their school.

  • The winners will receive an iPad mini to help with their further education.

1x iPad Mini per primary school (12 total, valued at $410 each)

The winning students' school will automatically go into the draw to win a $10,000 innovation pack that can be spent on technology or innovative teaching material.